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"If it arrives on time, it's a Miracle!"
Tel. +44 (0)7811 550086 (Call)

This is the Official ARPA-internet Presence of Robin Hodson

This site last updated MONd~17/12/2007AD.
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This website has been reduced to advertising-supported for the summer, due to a large unpaid debt by the UK DWP.
Media action against the DWP has released some of the debt!! Legal & Media action continues for the remainder. Budgetary measures will be lifted in 2008AD, when a new salary will enable a debit card facility.


Miracle DeliveryTM  is the new brand name for Robin Hodson, also encompassing related issues.

This site seeks to provide introductory information, experimental space, an FTP-downloadable and Hypertext-viewable Resource (replacing the incredibly retro email).

This site, together with the mobile number, is a central contact point; if for Example an Employer wants a CV, they can be phoned and told the FTP or HTTP address, and they can immediately grab the latest version, instead of waiting for someone to get online, find and send an email, then them receiving it.

The "Official" in the heading above distinguishes this site from any fan sites set up by other people: This is the genuine article. Feel free to send "unofficial" communications, whatever you think that might mean.


Normal active hypertext links, you've used them to get here, can be clicked on to navigate.

Dormant links, appear similar, but in red, like this Example, these don't go anywhere, but indicate where a link will be in future. These will "turn blue" over the coming time. (Dormant links are now being phased out.)

Guide to what's Coming Up!

Some paragraphs are wearing "badges". Fresh entries are flashed: New! Entries that are not new,
but have been completely rewritten, have the flash: (Revised)

New! and (Revised) badges will be removed after a period of time dependent on how often updates are posted and the typical traffic to the site. Badges will currently be removed after six months, unless New items are Revised, or site update or traffic frequency alters.

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Site Organisation

Miracle Delivery™

Promotional area for Robin Hodson


Current projects at the moment are:

Major Features

Major parts of this site are:

Robin’s CV

There are now several ways of getting my CV, firstly by the top of this page, or visiting .

You can also get HTML, Archive (ZIP), and MsWord files from, respectively:

The old version is still available. This is much more flashy and impressive, but rather out of date now.

The very old version is also still available. Note that while it is of the highest of all qualities for it's time, times change and the information in it is now out of date.

Different versions have different advantages:

When any other new formats are produced, they will be added both here and to the ZIP.

If none of that works, phone 07811 550086, and I'll post you one.
Please note I will not send to overseas or unlikely destinations, since I am looking for work in the Swindon, Chippenham, and bath areas of South-West England.

Online Correspondence Area for other Parties

After being upset by (late April to late June 2002AD) events,
Anna has requested that all information relating to her is removed from this site.
I am happy to take items on and off this site as she requests,
fully support her decision, and remain concerned for her.

Only one link vaguely related to what Anna has been searching for has been retained: MUSE-see site.
Two new links added:

These [new links] will be pointed out for approval when rickety communications links permit. I have just realised that I ought to clarify that the upsetting events referred to above were the fault of Wiltshire police, not me, and that the top of this paragraph is an agreed joint statement.

Other stuff for other people (requests):

Empty Section Not Pending Rename


Miracle DeliveryTM  is a unique name, thought of in isolation, in a tent in Wootton Bassett, circa February 14th (near a friend's birthday) 2000AD, as a spinoff of something else. This was witnessed and verified by the police, although that wasn't planned.

The word "Miracle" is not unique, since it is a dictionary word, somebody clearly thought of it before, and various groups use it. These include most notably, The Church (, The Pop group Fragma who "Need a Miracle", whereas we Deliver them. That song is very cool though, and I

listen to it whenever it comes on the radio, and I would buy a copy if I had anything to play it on. Also a German exhibition company ( / ("de" is the domain name for Germany, as in "Deutschland")).

Miracle Delivery™ is not associated with any of these, has not nicked anything from them, and, we hope, they have not nicked anything from us. I have only searched for them as a by-product of verifying how unique my phrase is.

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A registration with Surf Safely has also been made.
You should however note, that this is not a dumbed-down site because of this; the standards emphasised were present from the start.
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